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Mr. Madzey's RTCCTV introduces multi camera Live TV studio production by building on the knowledge and skills, gained in previous projects. The student will develop an understanding of key practical aspects of audio visual media production for a television studio program and it provides an opportunity for the student to learn about program pre-production in preparation for a TV program and develop operational TV studio skills for a studio based production.

This page we will feature some of the exceptional pieces produced.  For a full catalog of their work click here to go to their YouTube Channel.

I am so very proud to announce that my RTCCTV students have been collaborating with the Randolph Vermont Historical Society to produce some mini-documentaries about the history of Randolph.  We have officially launched the first one!

This type of student filmmaking project brings community members together and puts a very positive light on the Tech Center as well.  Students are tasked with: researching history, stepping outside their comfort zones to schedule and conduct interviews, learning to respect and gain the trust of their elders, ethically respecting and presenting history in film form, collaborating with other artists like Green Mountain Drone and Vermont Walks who graciously gave their permission for footage use, and so much more. 

Here is our second episode of Randolph Remembers featuring Holly Benoir.

RTCCTV is proud to release the 3rd Episode of Randolph Remembers featuring Brenda Caswell!   Produced by two RUHS students and one Northfield student!

Here is Episode 4 of "Randolph Remembers" featuring Mary O'Brien.